WIN Wrestling

Massive Main Event at the Prince...It's going to be Extreme

Main event graphic for Highway to hellbound featuring the Hellbound group and the round table. on a green background


The Black Prince Main Event!!!

Next Monday May 27th we return to The Black Prince for WIN Wrestling Presents: Highway To Hellbound and our main event may be one of biggest we’ve seen at these 18+ shows with that featuring the arrival of Hellbound as Alton Thorne, David Grant, Joey Slade & Harley Harris takes on the faction that took control of WIN last year The Roundtable which features the return of the God of WIN Kyle Kingsley as well as Jason Joshua, -Liam Mccarthy & Connor Allbright! In an Extreme Rules match! which means pretty much anything can happen!

Tickets for this show can only be bought on the day at the door, but they’re at the extremely low cost of £5 per person and trust us this show is not one you can afford to miss!!



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