WIN Wrestling

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The Rough and Ready Era

Rough and Ready by name and nature you only have to look at some of the terrible early posters to realise this, but this is the starting point of WIN Wrestling today.

With the support of the Rough and Ready Gym, and a sister organisation in the USA The Superior Pro Wrestling Training Centre / NWL House of Pain Wrestling Federation (HoPWF).   The tentatively Northampton School of Professional Wrestling was born. The name didn't last long but the idea was just getting started.

However this also reintroduced the Urban Chaos brand which we still see today, as a welcome historical nod by the then head trainers.

After seeking permission of their former promoter Carol-Ann Bavage As a show of respect and love for their time wrestling for the now closed.

Ultimate Wrestling League (UWL). 

A busy poster with the logo of the Northampton School of Professional wrestling and a selection of young wrestlers
Sunday Showdown 1
A red and orange poster similar to Sunday Showdown 1 but this time wrestler surround the text rather than being under it.
Sunday Showdown 2
Cy Gregory stands super imposed over a derelict warehouse with all the logos and show details for Urban Chaos surrounding him
Urban Chaos
Morgan Black, George James and the Spartan Warrior stand in front of a city scape with all the show information for Urban Chaos 2
Urban Chaos 2
A christmas background of wrapping paper and tinsel with Antony Mafia Cy Gregory, Noah Blade, George James, Ross Lee and Morgan Black wearing a Christmas hat with the information about Christmas chaos above them
Christmas Chaos
The original win wrestling union jack flag circle logo with the words win wrestling across the middle and the words wrestling institute of Northampton in a black ring around the outside.
The Identity Era

With the school going from strength to strength and a bunch of up and coming talent starting to cut their teeth on successful training shows.

WIN Wrestling the wrestling promotion   is first introduced under the much longer name of

The Wrestling Institute of Northampton

WIN Wrestling.

Giving the shows and school an new fresh independent identity while also being in keeping to its school based roots. 

Urban Chaos the Future is now poster featuring the man known as Fowler, Dean Graves, Ross Lee and Kid Max
Urban Chaos: The Future is Now
The man know as Fowler, Anthony Mafia and Kid Max stand in front of a post apocalyptic background with the words Urban Chaos Fall out in front
Urban Chaos: Fallout
The spartan Warrior, Ross Lee and Bagheera stand in seipia colours faded over a city scape
Urban Chaos: Heroes Will Rise
Year one in bronxe gold writing sits aboth the win logo and the date with a group of wrestlers from left to right. George James, Kid Max, Noah Blade, Ross Lee, Morgan Black, Man Known as Fowler, Dangerzone Adam Adams and Dean. Graves
Year One Anniversary Spectacular
A graphited man known as fowler and bagheera are on a wall with the words school's out beneath them and then picutres of Geroge James, Ross Lee and Benjamin Shelly posed above a mock school report with show information on,
School's Out



the poster for the Summer Brawl event in 2016 featuring Ross Lee and The Man known as Fowler in a stand off with pictures of The Spartan Warrior, Vintage Ben Shelly, Anthony Mafia and Dean Graves
Summer Brawl
6 wrestlers The Man Known as Fowler, Dean Graves, Ross Lee, Noah Blade, and Anthony Mafia, are above a black and white WIN Logo on a pale blue background with the words harder than your hangover.
Harder Than Your Hangover
a Gold belt with intricate designs sits on a black background it is a heavyweight championship and the Wrestling institute of Northampton WIN Logo in the middle
The Evolution Era

This was a time of change and growth for WIN following an experimental show at Daventry Leisure Centre's Saxon Suite in partnership with WIN's good friends Gerry Norton Promotions it became obvious that WIN Wrestling was on the rise. With a bigger venue, crowds to match and WIN's first official title belt the new era had begun. 

Its Personal poster featuring Ross Lee and the Man Known as Fowler in the Centre Ne-yo and Candy floss Del Rico and nightshade also feature
It's Personal
Beauties and Beasts
Welcome to the Jungle Poster
Welcome to the Jungle
Road to the Top Poster
Road to the Top
Destiny Poster
A black and white win Wrestling logo surrounded by flames
The Revolution Era

With change in the air both behind the scenes and in the ring, and an eventual change in name with the removal of the Wrestling Institute of Northampton to simply just WIN Wrestling we saw ushering in of The Revolution Era.

It saw turbulent times, hostile takeovers, new talent fighting for a place, established talent trying to stake their claim. While  more talent from across the country and around the world were seen in WIN's squared circle than ever before. 

New Beginnings
New Beginnings
A predominantly orange poster with Bagheera, Ross Lee, Darryl Flynn and Candyfloss with the words Lets Pin Cancer in they style of Channel 4 Stand up to cancer logo
Let's Pin Cancer
Fight on 35th Street Poster
Fight on 34th Street
The From Daventry with love poster featuring in various poses Darry Flynn, Ross Lee holding his WIN Wrestling Championship, Jay Garner,Athena Furie, Jayde, The Man Known as Fowler and the then tag team champions vicious and delicious. Warren Banks and Morgan Black.
From Daventry with Love
A large collection of WIN Wrestlers posed in front of an oversized championship belt in the background
Going for Gold
A poster with a blue tone featuring the faces of many wrestlers and the word Legacy
A dark poster with the word betrayal in the front at the bottom with what looks like a torn page with Noah Blade on ons side and ross lee on the other. with Bagheera and other wrestlers standing in the middle
the word winferno sits on some flames in front of a posed Bagheera, Rocky Mac, Kent Nelson, Jack Starz and Noah Blade.
WIN Breakout poster the WIN Logo looks like it is breaking through the centre of the poster surrounded by Kent nelson, James Mason, The Bromantics, and the man known as fowler.
WIN Breakout
Windetta poser has the title of the show across the top followed by half of CJ carters face and half the Guyfalkes mask made famous by V for vendetta.
Anthony Mafia, Bagheera, CJ Carter and Owen Charles all stand posed surrounding a ladder,
WIN Mania
Big title rise of Win Champions with CJ Carter holding a briefcase, the Aerial Hybrids stand with the tag team titles next to the man known as fowler with the WIN championship. Under that there are two tattooed arms that read aerial hybrids.
Rise of WIN Champions
A Queens head similar to that of an pound coin in the UK in union jack flag colours with the win logo in what looks like a coat of arms,
WIN Jubilee
A group of wrestlers stand round what looks like Thanos' infinity gauntlet
WINfinity Gauntlet
WIN's Homecoming
WIN's Homecoming
CJ carter stands looking menacingly at his WIN Championship in front of what looks like a spooky interior.
A Nightmare on WIN Street
Back to the Black Prince is wretten at the top with CJ Carter in the middle the nsurrounded by others like the bohemian rhapsody music video.
Back to the Black Prince
WInception is written on the bottom of the poster in read CJ carter stands facing away from the camera but with the WIN Championship over his shoulder he is surrounded by various wrestlers in the water below him as he stands between two buildings.
WIN Wrestling Logo
The Revival Era

Following on from the turbulent times of the Revolution Era the world was experiencing something it had never faced before in the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This meant rightly so that wrestling had to take a backseat and that a previously planned show WIN Mania 2 was unable to happen.

Nobody knew what the future may hold. Or if WIN would return at all!

Thankfully although not without challenges for many people, the world has been able to forward from the pandemic. Thanks to the hard work of scientists and health professionals.   

While they were working tremendously hard some changes were once again happening with WIN behind the scenes as a new reinvigorated team was formed to carry the promotion forward agreeing that they were in it for the long haul and each small step gained was important... and nearly 2 years after Winception almost to the day began... The Revival Era 

The Return of WIN Wrestling
The Return of WIN Wrestling
This poster is designed to look like a fighting video game with energy bars at the a red and purple back ground a group of wrestlers posed in the middle lead by RJ Singh with other wrestlers in boxes below with the words game on above them
Game on
A poster losely based around the designs of computer game Boarderlands that is predominantly orange and Yellow CJ Carter stands holding the WIN title surrounded by other wrestlers on the show.
Borderline WInsanitiy
Poster Win Wrestling in the Multi Nation Madness featuring then WIN CHampion Bagheera, Mia Cortez, David Grant, Warren Banks , TJ Sykyes and CJ Carter
WIN Wrestling and the Multi Nation Madness
Poster of Make way for the Singh. We see a stialized king playing cared featuring WIN Champion Bagheera and RJ Singh. they are suround by black and white pictures of Allister Sixx, Jason Joshua, Morgan Black and Kyle Kingsley
Make way for the Singh
A poster with a red and black back ground and the title Urban Chaos the Black Prince, featuring Connor Allbright, David Grant, Alister Sixx, Noah Blade, Joseph Testament, and Sicboy
Urban Chaos - The Black Prince
A predominantly blue poster for It'll be albright on the night designed in a gamshow style ift features mainy Bagheera, Jason Joshua, Connor Allbright, then in smaller boxes Cash Money Sash, Alex Conners, Morgan Black and Joey Cement.
It'll be Allbright on the Night
Cobra Cy Poster featuring Cy Gregory front and centre. behing him are Josdepth Testament, Money Mountian Jason Joshua, Connor Allbright, David Grant and Bagheera in a style similar to Cobra kai
Cobra Cy
Breaking Bagheera Poster
Breaking Bagheera
The Poster for April Fools is based on the Lonney Tunes, Featuring Money Mountain, Jason Joshua, David Grant, the Mainevent Family, Mia Cortez and a Tiny Bagheera.
April Fools
Big Money Bigger Problems in gold writing on a nackground of Money falling Featuring Money Mountian, The Main Event Family, David Grant, Mia Cortez and Kyle Kingsley
Big Money Bigger Problems
Urban Chaos 2: The Morgan Black Experence Poster
Urban Chaos 2: - The Morgan Black Experience
00Signh Die Another Day Poster
00Singh DDT Another Day
on a mainly purple background made to look like a game show similart to family fortunes is Kyle Kingsley, sruonded by Bagheera, Connor Allbright, Cy Gregory, and the Main Event Family
Family Misfortunes
A mixture of purple lime green and yellows make up the Marty Gras poster featuring just about every person involved in WIN With Kyle Kingsley, Marty Samuels and Connor Allbright at the front
Marty Gras
New Year New Win Poster
New Year New WIN
Power Wrestlers S.P.D
Power Wrestlers S.P.D.
The poster for the show Winner WInner Chicken Dinner on the 23rd of March 2024 featuring Hustle Malone, Cy Gregory, Liam McCarthy Joey Cement amd Jason Joshua
WInner Winner Chicken Dinner
an easter themeed poster featuring a big chocolate easter eg with a morphewd into a bunney dan edge, and morgan black inside along with various other wrestlers dotted around and easter scene.
A very chocolatey Easter Edge
Tales of Ba Singh Se Poster
Tales of Ba Singh Se
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