WIN Wrestling

Accessibility Statement

At WIN Wrestling, we are deeply dedicated to fostering an all-inclusive environment that empowers every individual who walks through our doors. Our commitment to embracing the Social Model of Disability sets us apart, as we strive to eliminate every conceivable barrier and foster equal participation and opportunity for all members of our remarkable community, be they audience member, crew, or performer.

Indeed, we see our work in the realm of inclusive wrestling as not merely a means of providing entertainment, but as a crucial step towards a more equitable society as a whole. Through our tireless efforts to break down each and every barrier facing our wrestlers and fans alike, we are proud to be making a real difference in the world today, and for generations to come. Our means may be limited and we may not always get things perfectly but we will do whatever we can to make our traning, shows and online contentent acessible to all. If when using any our website or attending our events you see room for improvement in terms of access that are within our means please feel free to raise it with us so we can improve where possible.


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